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ArtistTrackDiscTrack No.
J Balvin & Willy WilliamMi GenteMRH1579
J ColeMiddle ChildSF3968
J CroceI'll Have To Say I Love You In A SongSC22048
J Geils BandCenterfoldSC758011
J Geils BandCentrefoldACK1011
J Geils BandCentrefoldDKM30546
J Geils BandI DoSC87154
J Geils BandLove StinksSC852713
J HusDid You SeeMRH15415
J KwonTipsySC88652
J LoIm GladSF20615
J'sonI'll Never Stop Loving YouSC83048
J. Balvin & Willy WilliamMi Gente (Spanish & French)SF37916
J. CarrottFunky Mopedmagic RoundSF0957
J. Geils BandLooking For A LoveSC897015
J. HolidaySuffocateSC902211
J.D. Crowe & New SouthOld Home PlaceSC869314
J.D. SoutherYou're Only LonelyDG058
J.J. FadSupersonicSC887510
J.L.S.Do You Feel What I FeelSF3114
J.L.S.Love You MoreMRH746
J.L.S. & Tinie TemperEyes Wide ShutSF3001
Ja RuleClap BackSC88589
Ja RuleThe Clap BackSC33906
Ja RuleThe Reign (Radio Version)SC33711
Ja Rule & AshantiAlways On TimePHM02057
Ja Rule & AshantiAlways On TimeSC23953
Ja Rule & AshantiAlways On TimeSC32906
Ja Rule & AshantiAlways On TimeSC87357
Ja Rule & AshantiAlways On TimeSC87973
Ja Rule & AshantiMesmerizeSC33486
Ja Rule & AshantiMesmerizeSC88057
Ja Rule & AshantiMesmerizeSF20312
Ja Rule & Bobby BrownThug Lovin'SC33482
Ja Rule & Bobby BrownThug Lovin'SC88059
Ja Rule & Christina MilianBetween Me And YouSC32257
Ja Rule & Chuck BaltimoreDown Ass ChickSC33144
Ja Rule & Lil' MoI CrySC32725
Ja Rule & Lil' MoI CrySC872013
Ja Rule & Mary J. BligeRainy DayzSC33045
Ja Rule & Mary J. BligeRainy DayzSC87526
Ja Rule Feat. Christina MilianBetween Me And YouSC86547
Ja Rule, Lil Mo & VitaPut It On MeSC23442
Ja Rule, Lil' Mo & VitaPut It On MeSC32433
Ja Rule, Lil' Mo & VitaPut It On Me SC86807
Jace EverettBad ThingsSC895213
Jace EverettI Wanna Do Bad Things With YouSFMW9311
Jaci VelasquezDe Creer En TiSC22533
Jaci VelasquezImagine Me Without YouSC86611
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