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ArtistTrackDiscTrack No.
T A T UAll The Things She SaidMRE1612
T Bone WalkerStormy MondaySC832714
T Graham BrownHappy Ever AfterSC852413
T Graham BrownNever In A Million TearsSC85469
T Pain & AkonBartenderSC90151
T PauValentineSFMW9113
T Rex20th Century BoySF0241
T Rex20th Century BoyZFK0218
T RexChildren Of The RevolutionZFK0217
T RexHot LoveSF16614
T RexMetal GuruSFMW8136
T RexSold Gold Easy ActionZFK0219
T RexTelegram SamZFK0220
T SpoonSex On The BeachSF1261
T'pauChina In Your HandSF01312
T'pauHeart & SoulSF1082
T'pauHeart And SoulSC844710
T-PainI'm SprungPHU05112
T-PainI'm SprungSC894813
T-PainI'm SprungSC89944
T-Pain & Mike JonesI'm In Luv (Wit A Stripper) (Radio Version)SC89587
T-Pain & Mike JonesI'm In Luv Wit A Stripper (Radio Version)SC89948
T-WayneNasty FreestyleMRH12916
T. Bone WalkerCall It Stormy MondaySC75977
T. Dactyl & The DinosaursSeaside ShuffleSF0953
T. Graham BrownDarleneSC856712
T. Graham BrownDon't Go To StrangersSC84346
T. Graham BrownHappy Ever AfterSC31296
T. Graham BrownHell And High WaterSC852510
T. Graham BrownI Tell It Like It Used To BeSC838014
T. Graham BrownIf You Could Only See Me NowSC835915
T. Graham BrownMemphis Women & ChickenSC31708
T. Graham BrownMemphis Women & ChickenSC85788
T. Graham BrownNever In A Million TearsSC31452
T. Graham BrownWine Into WaterSC31002
T. Graham BrownWine Into WaterSC84882
T. Rex20th Century BoyZMP0255
T. RexChildren Of The RevolutionSFMW80513
T. RexGet It OnZMP0252
T. RexHot LoveZMP0251
T. RexI Love To BoogieAH80076
T. RexI Love To BoogieZMH01010
T. RexMetal GuruZMP0253
T. RexRide A White SwanSF0353
T. RexRide A White SwanZMP0256
T. RexT. Rex MedleyZMP02513
T. RexTelegram SamSFMW81110
T. RexTelegram SamZMP0254
T.A.T.O.All The Things She Said (Radio Version)SC17061
T.A.T.U.All About UsSF23611
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